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Exclusive selfcatering accommodation in Noordhoek with large garden

Everybody has heard about the garden of Eden, everyone talks about it, dreams of it. Men, women and children dream of its lushness, the different colours of green, silver-grey, its scent. Water. Hidden passageways that to a child seem like an endless world, a labyrinth to our destinies, something new hidden behind every corner.

Kinghorns Garden is our attempt at the garden of Eden, our attempt, in the fertile climate and soil of the wonderful western cape to mirror what this garden might have been, through our eyes with the inspiration of history and our founder, Herman Charl Kinghorn. Our bees and birds are testimony to its richness. Their abundance across our gardens, whether in the lush lavender or the attractive protea, are welcome sign to us, that we succeeded in attracting these incredibly beautiful and important animals. Our honey is delicious too. Would you fancy to walk through a garden of the unique cape fynbos, picking your fruit and herbs as you walk along and a hint of Cape fynbos and Tuscany? Olive orchards, citrus, Tuscany and the Western Cape botany awaits. Come visit our gardens and our delight will be shared rather than selfishly devoured. Share in our dream about the perfect, secluded, private and picturesque piece of paradise.

Kinghorns Gardens is a boutique, small scale, self-catering, 2 bedroom guest house situated in the idyllic Cape Town suburb of Noordhoek located on the picturesque Cape Peninsula. The gardens boast 6000 square meters, a further 2200 square meters are dedicated to management, waste, compost and another small, rentable cottage. Rustic in design, but catering for all your needs, this garden style luxury cottage is the ultimate Cape rural living experience. Nature lovers rejoice in this living! A Well-equipped kitchen caters for all you needs, an outdoor Weber grill for the outdoor food experience! Vegetables, seasonal, can be ordered through management. You may pick any fruit you see in the garden as long as you don’t injure a tree! A large sunset deck caters for any occasion from an abundant breakfast to a wine from our neighbour farm Cape Point Vineyards. Various kinds of lavender (the Spanish style Stoaches and the French style dentana stand out), Rosemary, various Protea, Fruit Trees, Indigenous South African Trees, Oaks, flowers and plants from all over South Africa and other places in the world await your arrival. Bees are abundant as is our will to make sure that you are well catered for. (and our honey needs, of course) One 60 square meter plant bed is solely devoted to the most rare protea tree in the world occurring only in one or two isolated sole regions of table mountain: Leucadendrom argenteum, the spectacularly beautiful silver tree. We care for this rare specimen of Cape natural perfection. They aren’t easy to care for but all the more worthwhile when taken care of well! Hundreds of indigenous Clivia miniata and agapanthus await the flower enthusiast. Flowers may, however, only be cut on request.

Our compost is completely organic and we encourage guests to recycle as much as possible. All organic waste on the property, including cuttings from trees, wilted flowers and guest house, the cottage and management houses organic waste goes to our compost heap which also fed from the neighbouring horse farm. Electricity, as far as possible, is collected from the sun. Water is collected from rain water gutters and feed our farm style dam. We are future orientated where a world needs to function sustainably.

Our manager, Bulelani (he prefers to be called by his true Xhosa name) is there to handle any challenges awaiting and is a presence and security manager every night. Our friendly (and popular) dogs Toffie and Jessie cater for your security.

Enjoy the Cape fynbos in a safe environment with us. A favourite is the protea repens which we boast in both its colours red and white. Also popular with bees, this plant, with the common name 'sugar-bush' attributable to its sticky nectar, is wonderfully looking and tasting! We get regular visits from (inter alia) guinea fowls (their feather collection is a favourite activity here), sunbirds, porcupines, various other birds including owls and occasionally (though we only spotted their dung recently) wild cats! As rare as hens’ teeth! Here is one of our many recommendations: pack a picnic basket and picnic next to the dam. Or go for a sauna session when it gets a little colder. Our sauna boasts amazing Cape Peninsula views. Finish off your sauna under our outdoor shower with some star gazing. Enjoy the views our Cape sunbirds enjoy. See you at Kinghorns Gardens.